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A message from commissioner Jeffrey Bannon regarding COVID-19

By Press release , 06/09/20, 3:00PM CDT


Football is a game we adore, cherish and is a fabric of our community -- and if you're reading this -- a part of your lives.

With the uncertainty that we find ourselves in, we want to ensure our football community that the WHSFL is ready and prepared for whatever decision is passed down from our provincial government to our school administrations and principals through Football Canada and Football Manitoba.

Until that time comes, we’ll do our part and encourage to preach social distancing and individual and small group workouts as set forth in the outlined phases.

Our league is prepared for numerous schedule options and looking at ways to ensure we are adaptable, fluid and strategic in our approach.

Until such a time, their will be no padded practices, workouts or scrimmages as outlined by the MHSAA for this spring. No matter what sports return or when. 

We want to make it clear that no athlete's development will be stunted or halted as the entire province and country are under the same situations.

The individual and small group workouts are key, and if not available, individual training is key and highly recommend.

I want this message to resinate with everyone. As a football parent, former provincial General Manager and now league Commissioner   We need to understand that we are in good shape, no one is going to get left behind or lose any opportunities.